Life Skills

Life Skills programme targets the Social, Emotional and Educational Skills (SEES) which are again basic needs of a successful life. The school psychological supervises Life Skills. 

Turtle Education Programme

Turtle education is a specialized, classroom based training programme for young children. It is an innovative pre and primary level educational programme for healthy personality growth & excellent educational support. It focuses on teaching children skills which are essential for being a knowledgeable, caring and responsible citizen in addition to being a productive and successful person. The programme has been internationally recognized as a scientific classroom activity package with proven effectiveness to produce desired results. 



Turtle Education Programme also helps children and parents deal with behavioural issues effectively. Young children are very energetic and full of life. Parents usually think that once kids join the school, their problems are going to be solved and they will become well behaved. Teachers are usually not well equipped and skilled to deal with children’s behaviour, especially problems like hyperactivity , non-compliance, lack of self-control and anger. Teachers trained in Turtles programme at The Play School help children and parents alike to overcome their difficulties in an adequate manner.

No doubt, an ideal school should be a learning place not only for academic skills like Mathematics, Languages, Science & theoretical knowledge of good behaviour, but also should teach young children to learn the following:

  • Recognize and understand emotions
  • Control intense feelings
  • Manage one’s Anger and Temper
  • Follow Rules and respect Values
  • Develop self-control
  • Improve Academic & Learning skills
  • Acquire Problem-Solving Ability
  • Adopt Pro-social Behaviours
  • Share things with others
  • Develop friendships


Turtle Education Programme ensures to impart these qualities in young children.