The Play school library is strongly integrated into the learning fabric of the school which contributes to student learning outcomes. Purpose of the library has not been restricted just to conventional settings but is established in a way where students learn how to formulate meaningful questions, appreciate multiple viewpoints, and use a wide variety of resources in their research.

21st century learners need to demonstrate their understandings in new ways, such as producing their own videos or multimedia presentations. That’s why TPS school library have a flexible learning space that supports multiple learning and teaching styles—not one that only accommodates lectures. Not one that assumes you’ll never switch to smaller, wireless technology. Not one that’s furnished with heavy, immovable tables and chairs or built-in workstations.

Principal and school administration make an effort to provide with a best practice guide in:

  • encouraging students to consume and create knowledge that is robust, with honesty and integrity at heart
  • fostering a safe and respectful environment that supports students to thrive in the classroom
  • setting up a school library that is a vibrant and welcoming space