Pre-School Level

Children of the Play Group, Nursery & KG are taken care on the most modern principles of Early Childhood Education. The learning process of these children is based on different activities in the classroom as well as outside the class.

Montessori Lab

The teaching at Pre-School is supported by a well organized Montessori Lab to develop different basic skills among young children. The lab has audio visual equipment and the learning activities are carried out under the supervision of Montessori trained teachers / directresses.

Thematic Weeks

Most of the learning concepts at Pre-school are divided into different themes which are followed on weekly / fortnightly basis. Much emphasis is given on the development of general awareness and communication skills. Thus children learn different concepts in a playful manner.

English Reading Scheme

To promote English reading from the very beginning, special emphasis is given on the reading ability of the child. For this purpose a prescribed reading and Phonics scheme plan is adopted for the easy learning of sounds. With the help of flash cards, related games, display of enlarged pictures and words, the trained teachers make it an interesting process for the child.

Work Sheet Plan

At Nursery & KG level, children learn basic educational concepts sketched on work sheets as a part of their daily class room schedule. This makes the learning more enjoyable and a matter of fun. In order to keep the mothers abreast with the school progress and development, work sheets are also given as home assignment and thus accelerating their learning process.

Co-Curricular Activities

Much care is taken for the physical development of children at the pre—school level.Young children are encouraged to participate in different types of outdoor games like running, skipping, hopping and playing with different types and sizes of balls. This ensures the development of hand—eye coordination which is quite essential for a number of educational skills particularly writing.

Sand and Water Play

A water pool and a sand pool not only provide fun to children but also help them in improving certain basic abilities which make early years of the child very productive ensuring a sound physical and mental development.

Fun with Music

Besides enjoying singing rhymes with teacher or audio / visual aids they also have the fun with the live music under the supervision of a Music Teacher.

Prep Class

Prep Class

Prep Prep Class works like a bridge between pre-school (Nursery & KG) and primary section. The minimum age required for this class is five years plus on 1“ April of the year. The teaching methodology is the combination of pre— school and primary section. It trains the children to cope up with the text books and examination system of the later classes in future. By the end of this class children are mostly ready to read and write both the languages (English and Urdu) as well as take instructions from the teacher to do different academic tasks. This class also makes them conversant to take up basic mathematical tasks.

Important Note

The Play School believes that every child at the Pre-school & Prep level should find the process of education enjoyable and thus learn most educational material in a playful and stress free manner. This provides a learning style and educational basis to the child which would facilitate further learning in the later years of life. This is one of the reasons that the late corners or students joining during the session are always advised to attend / complete these classes on a regular basis and “double promotion” or “skipping a class” is not appreciated / recommended at all.