A large number of co-curricular activities are help at The Play School during the whole Year. Some of the regular ones are listed below:

April: Flower Arrangement Competition

May: Colouring & Painting Competition

August / September: Celebration of Independence Week & Spelling Tests

October/November: Educational Trips of all classes are arranged to places like the Zoological Gardens, Play Land, Museum of Natural History, Lok Virsa, Greenhouses, National Library, Post office, Faisal Mosque, Church, Rescue 15 Center, Saidpur Village, Radio Station and a number of other places. Reading Week is also celebrated in the month of November.

January / February: Activities like Project Exhibition, Sports Day / Karate Belt Award Ceremony, Urdu and English Handwriting Competition, Story and Rhyme Writing Competition & Quick Click Mathematics Competition


  1. Eid Milian party & Mar Parties are arranged accordingly.
  2. Matches of different sports are arranged round the year.
  3. Educational movies are shown as and when needed.
  4. Children of Play group, Nursery & Kindergarten visit zoo and park in other months as well.