Rules and Regulations & The Admission Criteria

  • Board of Governors
    Administrative matters and policy decisions are taken by the Board of Governors (BOG) comprising of members who are renowned educationists and child psychologists. The rules and regulations governing day to day functioning of The Play School have been formulated by its BOG. Some of these have been briefly described below:
    The Admission Criteria
    The admission is made on the basis of each child’s age and ability. For the beginners the minimum age to be on 1st April is as follows:
    Play GroupNurseryKindergarten
    Two years and above (toilet trained)Three years and aboveFour years and above
    A short assessment is made before admission to KG class to ascertain the level of placement. Guidance is given to parents according to the needs of each individual child.
    Admission Policy
    The placement in a particular class is decided on the basis of an evaluation of the intellectual / academic level of each child, his or her age /academic ability and availability of the space. Rights of admission are reserved. Continuation of admission in the Institution is subject to the following conditions:
    • Satisfactory academic performance
    • Satisfactory Conduct / behaviour
    • Adequate cooperation of parents
    • Regular payment of tuition fee and other dues
    Note: Admissions are offered to both boys and girls without any discrimination.


  • Student Conduct in the School
    • Punctuality: The Students should enter the campus before the bell rings.
    • Uniform: The prescribed uniform is to be strictly observed. Girls are not supposed to wear any make-up or jewellery. They can only wear ear-rings of small size or studs and a black hair band. Boys are expected to have short hair cut. Both girls and boys are required to have short nails.
    • Contraband – Prohibited Items: Mobile telephones, audio / video equipment of any sort, chewing gums, and undesirable literature of any kind are strictly prohibited to bring, carry and use at campus (Please enquire from the administration about the penalties for the defaulters and disciplinary action taken on violation of these rules).
    • Personal Belongings: Students are responsible for their belongings. The administration is not responsible for the loss of any valuable article.
    • Leaving Campus: Students are not allowed to leave the campus during working hours. In case of emergency, students can only be allowed to leave the campus, if the parents come to pick them, in person.
    • Damage to the school property or lab equipment will be recovered from the students.
    • Missing the classes / tests / assignments is not tolerated. One week absence without notice can lead to strict disciplinary action.
    • Cooperation of Parents: In case of disciplinary matters, the school has the right to withdraw / terminate the admission. However, before taking such extreme action, sufficient time is given to the child to improve his/her conduct. Unconditional cooperation of parents is expected in such cases.
    • Responsibility of Students and Parents: It is the responsibility of students and their parents to keep themselves fully updated regarding the rules and regulations of the institution notified through different means including periodical circulars.

  •  Payment of Fee/ Dues
    • The dues are to be cleared by or before the 10 of the month or by the date written on the challan form issued on or before the last working day of the month.
    • It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the school office immediately in case for any reason the challan form is not received by them.
    • Advance Payment of Dues: All the dues are charged in advance. Normally the fee is charged for two months together for all classes. The fee for the summer holidays (June, July & August) is also charged in advance.
    • Fine for Late Fee: Late fee fine is charged if the dues are not paid within the due date.
    • Not Refundable: Fee and other charges once paid are not refundable.
    • Security Refund: The security is refunded only if all other conditions are fulfilled and rules and regulations have been followed. Any such refund has to be applied for in writing, within thirty days after leaving the school. Any late claims are not entertained.
    • Issuing of Documents / Certificates: Documents or / and Certificates of any sort, are NOTissued unless all dues are cleared.
    • Notification / Reminders for Outstanding Dues: The administration is not responsible to notify or issue any reminders to the students regarding the nonpayment of dues in time.
    • Revised Fee and Other Charges: The tuition fee and other charges may be revised according to financial exigencies, without any prior notice.
    • Re-admission: In case of re-admission the requisite admission fee is to be paid in full.

  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
    • At least 30 days advance written request or one month fee in lieu of this, is required for the withdrawal of admission along with the fee for SLC.
    • Full fee is charged for the month in which the withdrawal / migration of a student is made due to any reason.
    • School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is issued only after all dues have been cleared.
    • At least 3(three) working days advance written notice is required for issuance of SLC or any other authorized document.
    • A student desirous of leaving the school after first term will be paying till the month of July which is the last month of the term.
    • SLC must be obtained within thirty days after leaving the school.

  • Change in Personal Record of Child
    • In case parents need to make any change in the personal record of child, they need to apply in writing, along with the fee, as per rules.
    • Every change desired by parents has to be supported by sufficient documentary proofs such as previous school record, original birth certificate, affidavit and Form B etc.
    • In case of a change in date of birth, the record of first and the previous school (if any) has to be corrected and its proof submitted before any action can be taken.
    • Any such change in the document is to be approved by the president of BOG or his / her nominee.
    • In case of insufficient documentary proofs, the request maybe be turned down. In such cases, no refund in the fee is made.

  • Guidelines for Parents / Guardian
    • Parents are expected to remain well informed and updated to the Rules and Regulations of the Institution.
    • Parents are expected to inform the school in case the child is absent.
    • One week absence without any written notice may lead to strict disciplinary action.
    • Parents are expected to attend Parents Teachers Meetings (PTM) whenever arranged by the school.
    • They are required to cooperate with the school in different matters such as discipline, uniform, and behavior.
    • Punctuality and regularity in attendance are to be ensured by respective parents.
    • Parents should avoid sending children suffering from contagious or transferable disease.
    • Children with hair lice will not be allowed to attend the school.
    • Parents should not approach teachers directly. Complaints, if any, must be made to the school administration.
    • Parents should seek an appointment in case a meeting with a teacher / Principal is desired.
    • Parents are not allowed to visit class rooms and academic blocks during school hours.
    • Parents are expected to sign and acknowledge all notices, rules & regulations sent by the school.
    • Parents should ensure timely payment of all dues as per instructions.
    • The daily diary of the student should be signed by the parents/guardian. They should help the child in completing the home-work.
    • Disrespectful behavior by parents or students towards any member of the school staff will not be tolerated.