Curriculum, Evaluation and Examination

The Syllabus

Starting from Pre-school, the syllabus has been designed in such a way that in subsequent years, it can cater to the needs of the Federal Board Classes and Cambridge University classes both.

The syllabus has been divided term wise according to the working weeks of each term. Guidelines for each term exams are sent to the parents in the beginning of the study period.

Class Prep & I to V

The exams are taken within the prescribed syllabus of that term. The final exam does not include the syllabus of the first & second term except recitation of Surahs, important concepts from Maths and Grammar of Languages. This is clearly reflected in the guidelines of the final term and every concept included for the final exam is thoroughly revised in the revision period.

Evaluation System

Play Group, Nursery & Kindergarten: The children are evaluated on the basis of daily performance and a comprehensive evaluation at the end of the term.

All other classes: The Class tests are regularly given to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods practiced at TPS. The record is maintained with the teachers to keep an eye on the performance of the students. The best four tests of each term are given weightage in the term marks.

Term Exams

  • Midterm test namely “Autumn Test” is taken in October. These tests help children to prepare well for their second term exams.
  • Term exams are held at the end of each term.
  • Midterm tests and term exams are compulsory for each student.
  • The passing marks in each subject are 50%.
  • Promotion to the next class is based on “Cumulative Result (CR)” which is the average of all the term exams & midterm tests.
  • Distinction / prizes in academics are awarded on the basis of the CR of the year.
  • In case a child fails to take term exams or mid- term tests due to sickness or any other unavoidable family reason, special arrangements can be made for the missing paper. However, this can be done only if necessary documents, as required by the Institution, are provided in time. An extra fee is also charged, in advance, for the arrangement of the oral as well as written paper/s. No such arrangements will be made for the Final Term Exam.
  • Midyear admissions and students coming from foreign countries are facilitated according to their individual needs.