Play School Islamabad Is a premier educational institution of the Federal Capital and has been imparting education at primary level since 1986. From the very beginning, a team of educationists and psychologists are associated with the institution committed to provide education to young children on the most advanced principles of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Psychology. The Play School believes that the process of learning for young children should be enjoyable and stress free to ensure the development of an ability in them which focuses on how to learn rather than what to learn. The approach, called SEL, promotes learning of social and emotional skills along with educational competencies. It focuses on inculcating in children positive social interactions with their teachers, peers and families. a, The children who have been exposed to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) participate actively and cooperatively in the“ learning process and are more successful in and out of school and later in life. Recognizing the importance of this new learning method, The Play – School is now introducing ‘Turtles Programme’ which is based on SEL approach. This programme is a research based school intervention for healthy personality development and prevents children adopting negative attitudes and behaviour. Under the guidance of trained child psychologists and experts, The Play School is offering a great learning opportunity to young children.